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 Family owned and operated. Trustworthy and reliable car care. 

Whether you're looking to purchase tires, get an oil change or if you're not sure about the funny noise your car is making, we're here to help. Our team of technicians can help you diagnose your vehicle's problem and find a solution that meets your budget. We're here because we care, we'll always be honest about your car's needs and the costs tied to them. We'll get you back on the road!



Selecting the right tires for your vehicle is an important decision. Let us help you determine which tires best suit your lifestyle. We can recommend the right brand with your safety and driving enjoyment in mind!


If there is one thing on your "to do" list that you shouldn't delay, its the oil change! Your vehicle's engine depends on it. Oil changes are generally inexpensive and preformed quickly, it is worth the time and money to invest in your vehicle!


Proper wheel alignment is essential for a smooth ride, fuel efficiency and most importantly, drivers safety! Routine wheel alignments prevent your tires from premature treadware and could save you hundreds of dollars on new tires in the long run!


Is your check engine light on? Are you hesitant to bring your car in because you're not sure how expensive it will be? Don't worry, an engine light doesn't always mean a hefty repair bill. Let us take a look, we'll always be upfront and honest about your car's essential needs and the costs tied to them.


Brakes are the most important safety aspect on your car. Rest assured that our specialized technicians can diagnose your vehicle's brake issue and find a solution that meets your budget.


Shocks and struts do more than just give your vehicle a smooth ride, they affect your stopping distance and ultimately your safety. They play an intricate role in your vehicle's steering and brake system. Experts recommend replacing your shocks at 50,000 miles. Let us help you avoid an accident!


Its all about safety. A broken tail light, defective horn or cracked windsheild might not seem important but these small issues could be hazardous. At Dennis Car Care, our specialized technicians will inespct your vehicle thoroughly and ensure that all major and minor aspects are in tip-top shape.

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